A Hook-Up Usually Leads to Regret

There is definitely a difference between how guys and girls view hook-ups.*

A study done at Princeton University found that before the hook-up girls expect emotional involvement almost twice as often as guys.  While girls are hoping that “a relationship might evolve,” guys are often motivated by hopes of improving their social reputation and also bragging to friends about the hook-up.

After the hook-up more than nine out of 10 girls admit to having feelings of regret. The girls report not only guilt but also “feeling used” by the guy.  Eighty percent of girls wish the hook-up had never taken place.

49 percent of students whose hook-up included intercourse never see each other again. Fewer than 10 percent of “friends with benefits” will ultimately develop into romances.

Be aware that sexual activity–any genital contact with another person–is serious. A single encounter can have life-long consequences, particularly for women.  Depression, a sexually transmitted disease, and an unplanned pregnancy are all possible—even if you use “protection.”

You are in control of the situation. The distress that follows casual sex is 100 percent preventable. It’s wise to be extremely careful about who you allow to get close to you.

*Source–Sense & Sexuality by Miriam Grossman, MD