Abortion Help in Toledo–Free Pre-Termination Evaluation

If you are considering abortion, you’ll want to have a pre-termination evaluation done before you make any decisions. This evaluation includes a pregnancy test, ultrasound, STD testing for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, and a meeting with an advocate who can answer any questions you might have about all of you options. Your First Look offers all of these services for free. The ultrasound will confirm if your pregnancy is viable and since 31 percent of early pregnancies naturally terminate (due to miscarriage, blighted ovum, or ectopic pregnancy), this is important information to know. Of patients who have a Chlamydia infection at the time of their abortion, 23% will develop pelvic inflammatory disease within four weeks.  PID is a serious complication that can cause infertility and future ectopic pregnancies.

Meeting with an advocate who is here to support you is one of the most important parts of this evaluation. She can answer all of your questions and help you find the resources you need. During a time of crisis, she is here for you. In exit surveys the women who come to us consistently give Your First Look an excellent rating and mention how much they appreciate the support and information they receive.

To schedule this  free, confidential pre-termination evaluation, please call us at 419.720.3338 or text 567.455.1101.

Your First Look Women’s Center provides free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds to confirm viability, and information on all your options—abortion, adoption, and parenting. We do not provide or refer for abortion services. All services are free and confidential.