How Your First Look is Different

nurse goes over options with Your First Look patient.

“Thank you guys so much. The pressure has been released and I am confident about this pregnancy.”

“I really like how you guys treat me. I feel safe and comfortable.”

“The staff is very professional and caring.”

“Was nervous coming in, but advocate helped me relax and put me at ease.”

“I appreciate all the advice and how caring, respectful, and judgement free everyone was.”

These are just a few of the comments we received from our exit surveys. We often hear about how different Your First Look is from other agencies they have visited. Our volunteer advocates and staff truly care about the women we serve. Appointments often include hugs, tears, and even smiles. One thing is for sure–our patients leave feeling much more confident about their situation and the decisions facing them. And they know that they can call or come back as much as they need to regardless of which outcome they choose.

When you come to Your First Look you will be given information on all your options: abortion, adoption and parenting. Even if you state that you would never consider abortion or adoption, we want you to have all the information you need to make the decision that’s best for you. You may have one plan in mind when you are here–and then you go home and find out that your family or the baby’s dad has a different outcome in mind. Having all the information will help you sort through everything and feel like you can make a decision with confidence.

We will also tell you about the Toledo area resources that are available to help you. Our Your First Look staff and volunteers are experts at unplanned pregnancies and can help you find the resources best suited to your situation.