Is Parenting the Best Option for Me?

Women who come to Your First Look are frequently trying to decide between continuing or ending a pregnancy. If a decision is made to continue a pregnancy to term, many then look at whether to parent or making an adoption plan.

There are lots of questions to ask yourself if you are trying to decide whether you are ready to parent.

What does a baby need?

A baby needs food, shelter, safety, clothing, loving care and security. It can feel overwhelming to be faced with the responsibility to provide all of these things. An advocate at Your First Look can help you find the resources and sources of support that can be tapped to help address those needs.

Who will help me?

Some people have lots of help from family and friends. Others may have only one source of personal support and will need help from local agencies. Your First Look is a good source for identifying organizations that will provide the support you need.

What if I’m single?

Being a single parent will have added challenges. But it can be done and, for some, parenting a child may actually give them a “purpose” they didn’t experience before. It is important to manage your expectations as a baby is a big responsibility whose needs will have to be put ahead of your own. However, many parents will describe the joy and satisfaction of parenting their child as the most important, fulfilling experience they have ever had.

What if I change my mind?

It’s normal to have doubts and questions as you approach your due date or begin parenting your baby. We encourage you to discuss your feelings and questions with a health care provider or counselor to help you work through your challenges. However, if you find yourself feeling unable to take on or continue the responsibility of parenting, it is important to seek other options. There is a Safe Haven Law in Ohio and Michigan that allows you to safely and anonymously relinquish your infant if necessary. Adoption can also be explored after the baby’s birth. Choosing an open adoption will let you continue to have contact with your child if you desire. At Your First Look we can help guide you through the adoption process.

What resources can help?

We have an extensive list of resources available to help you parent. There’s Job & Family Services, the Women Infant Children Program, Pathways Project, Heartbeat of Toledo, Mom’s House, Baby University, Polly Fox Academy, and more.

Being a parent will have its share of challenges. Most people, however, find that parenting is one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. A large home or bank account is not required to be a loving parent. If you want to parent and need help, resources are available to help you be the best possible parent to your child. Call Your First Look at 419-720-3338 for support.